LG MacGillivary & Son Lumbering Ltd.

LG MacGillivary & Son Lumbering Ltd has a long history in the logging industry. Started in 1954 by Lawrence George MacGillivary and ran under that name until 1981 when the name was changed to the current one today. In 1969-70 he was joined by his only son Edgar after he graduated from Maritime Forest Ranger School in Fredericton. In the early years they started out with the most basic tools of the trade, crosscuts and axes, horses and sleds. Then with power saws and skidders, single axle gas trucks to tandem diesels, Hahn road side processors, grapple skidders and bunchers, rail delimbers, processors and porters. Tandem tractor trailers to three axle trailers and now four axles. When you hear people say that there has been a lot of changes over the years we can agree as we have seen them all. When Scott paper opened the doors at the paper mill in the late 60's he was one of the first contractors to work for them in the northern part of the province. His contractor number was 107 and was for many years. In think it was only in the last few years that they stopped using this number. For about 20 years my grandfather and father had a logging camp on the Red River road. A large parcel of land that was owned by Scott Paper located between Port Greville and Apple River that is now by Wagner forest. He had a cook house and bunk house there that the men stayed at for the week and my grandmother and mother would cook at during the day to feed the men at noon and suppertime. To this day I still get to talk to some of the suppliers that would make there rounds selling different things from machines to tires to general supplies for the woods, all having the opportunity to be invited in for a meal and to sit with the men when they would come in for lunch.

In 73 my brother Dwayne was born and then in 78 I was born. Some of the very first trips we would make would be to this camp that would become one of the biggest influences in our lives that would set the love for the woods in us. From a very young age we were put right in the middle of it all. Driving trucks, skidders, loaders or what ever we could get our hands on. Sometimes allowed sometimes not so much. We would spend the next 18 years or so growing up around the camps and the men, then by the time we were in our early teens we were sent to drive skidders and yard wood on our summers off, weekends or anytime that we could. We both graduated from Advocate District School and both went on to take our mechanics at NSCC. After a short time in the industry we both found that a part of us was missing and both wanted to come back to work in the woods. Dwayne came back to work with dad full time in the late 90's and I returned in 2001. Never to look back.

The next few years Dwayne and I spent our time growing this company to what it is today. Along with our father we grew it from one processor, one porter and one truck when we returned, to todays fleet of one buncher, three processors, two porters and five trucks along with roadside loaders, floats and excavators. Today we employ 18 people. In the fall of 2014 Dwayne and I took over the business formally although we had been running for the past few years under our fathers supervision. Making it third generation. Today LG MacGillivary & Son offer a wide spec of possibility for the mill and public. Contract cutting for Northern Pulp, buying stumpage, within this we can offer different possibilities for the land owner, clear-cut, prescription cuts and commercial thinning’s. We offer trucking from trucking wood to floating equipment.

Logging and the woods have always been and always will be a large part of our lives, and when we look to the future looks like it may continue as Dwayne's son started his career in life the same as his grandfather with attending just this fall at the Maritime College of Forest Technology.


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