Freeman Lumber

Freeman Lumber is a sixth generation family-owned lumber business with an intense focus on quality, workplace safety and sustainability. The Freeman family has operated mills in Greenfield since it was settled in 1830. Gorham Freeman built the first mill in 1832, which was powered by water and provided lumber for settler's homes.

The 20th century witnessed a series of Freeman mills destroyed and rebuilt. After a shingle mill burned in 1905, the Freemans built their first "modern" lumber mill. In the late 1960s, the mill moved to its present location, where electricity eventually replaced diesel power. Around this time, Harry Freeman Jr.'s son Charlie joined the operation. Harry’s son Richard, and later grandsons Steven and Billy, partnered with Charlie in building the operation into the largest employer in Queens County with 150 direct full time employees.

Dedicated employees, local business partnerships, and sustainable forest management practices are at the core of Freeman’s 185 years history in Nova Scotia.


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